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Had fun at Transworld. Met this awesome golem!
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Arrow Rant +Harley Quinn sucks…..

I’m so glad they left her at a cameo for the Suicide Squad episode. She was never even a terribly big part of the squad. The episode was way better than I thought it’d be. I like the way they portray Deadshot. It’s always good to get to explore Diggle a little more. It’s so weird to see his origin getting started in two separate continuities at the same time. I looked through the tumblr tags for Green Arrow and see a lot of people bitching about Ollie’s temperament. He’s always been kind of a huge dick in the comics.He cheated on Canary a shit ton. He’s been the central of at least 2 major Justice League controversies. He’s an asshole. Get used to it.

I wish they’d do more with Roy already. Arsenal is such a cool and tragic character. Make him a bad ass already!

Another note. A ton of people are claiming Arrow borrows from Batman a lot….. I’m going to attribute this to  lack of comic knowledge. Sure the League of Assassins is from Batman… Other than that not so much. Mostly just borrows from the JLA rogues gallery. He always has. He has a huge history with Deathstroke in the comics. Deathstroke is no ones villain he’s his own man. He’s especially not a Batman villain. Merlyn was a cool start def Arrows arch nemesis. Brother Blood is a Teen Titans villain. Solomon Grundy and Arrow have some past together and he’s kinda a Supes villain. Shrapnel just got pulled right out of the fucking B-list. They could pull some more though. I’d like to see Dr. Light show up. Def went hard after Ollie after Identity Crisis. 

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